Careless Driving

Can you pay to clear your driving record? What to expect at a traffic ticket hearing? We understand how much you would like to know the response to these questions. We know it is not an easy problem. Do not take it for granted. It is best to take an action immediately.

Work With An Experienced Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Romeo, Michigan

With over two decades of experience in traffic ticket and criminal defense matters, we already depended hundreds of drivers. We take pride in providing a range of high quality lawful solutions.

We help defend drivers in all traffic violation, including:

    • Careless and Reckless Driving Violation
    • Criminal Misdemeanor Traffic Ticket
    • Disregarding Stop Sign Violation
    • Driving on a Revoked License Privilege
    • Driving the Upside-down Down a One Way Road
    • Driving with No Proof of a Valid Driver’s License
    • Driving with Suspended License
    • Driving Without Insurance Car
    • Failed To Signal When Required
    • Failure to Report a Traffic Accident (“Hit And Run”)
    • Failure to Yield Car Accident
    • Habitual DWI
    • Illegal U-Turn Violation Ticket
    • Not Paying a Traffic Fines Violation
    • Operating a Vehicle under the Influence
    • Running a Red Light Violation Ticket
    • Tailgating Accident Ticket
    • Traffic Control Device Citation Ticket
    • Unsafe Change of Lane Ticket
    • Using a Cellphone while Driving

We are experienced on all traffic court process and we know how to strategically present your case to the court. With us, you can guarantee the very best service possible.

Charged with a traffic ticket violation? To claim your FREE legal consultation, do not hesitate to call us at (586) 727-6358. Pick up your phone and call us today!